Product creation from scratch

Creating a product usually ends up taking place in China. Design2Gather is located in Shanghai this enables us to be close to the production facilities and to overlook the total process. The creation of a product however, starts on our online design platform. This is where we bring together young and creative designers from all over the world to come up with designs and concepts around your idea.

Process of product creation

After idea generation through the online platform, we will present you the most innovative and creative designs and concepts. When you have selected a concept, or based on your own product idea, our in-house development team provides you with reliable product development in collaboration with local producers. In this way, your product designs will be directly prepared for mass production. Product creation starts at Design2Gather, step by step will we work in close collaboration with the clients to ensure the “Designment” (the design challenge) has transformed from idea to reality.

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