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5 Free useful product design tools!
Tools / August 10th, 2016 8:00 pm     A+ | a-
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There are so many tools available for product design that it’s often hard to see the trees through the forest. In this article we give you a growing list of free useful product design tools that you can use in your daily life as a designer.
We will frequently give you a new list of free tools and resources, provided by our own designers. The first list of free design tools are given by Bas from Design2Gather.

Here are the first 5:
  1. Adobe Kuler: Color Wheel
The browser version of Adobe Color Wheel
The amount of different color combinations can be mind-boggling and especially frustrating when trying to find something that matches your design.
Adobe color wheel helps you find the perfect combination of colors and is available as an online browser application. With different presets that are based on color theory rules, are you able to customize the color palette without any limits.

The Color Wheel is also available for iOS and Android smartphones.
  1. The Noun Project 
The Noun Project logo of place, person and thing
Common symbols that were usually hard to come by are nowadays easily found thanks to The Noun Project. Graphic designers from all over the world gather on The Noun Project where they can share and catalog their own designed symbols. 

The website is particularly useful for designers and architects, but often is it also used by business professionals who use the symbols for presentations. You can create a free account at The Noun Project by clicking here. 
  1. DINED anthropometric database
Database when creating ergonomic designs
Database when creating ergonomic designs
When doing product design you have to keep in mind a lot of factors, one of those factors is Anthropometry. When you are creating an ergonomic design, your product will have to match the individual who will use them.

The DINED 1D Database is a free accessible database by TU Delft that compares anthropometric data from different studies. You can divide the data into more specific datasets and select measurements to compare.
Some of the features include:
  •  Look up and compare measurements of different populations and studies
  • Automated calculations between percentiles and measurement values
  • Create custom combined populations and measures
  • Automated calculations for combining populations and measures
  • Background information regarding populations and measures
You can use the database by creating a free account here.
  1. Autodesk 123D
 Autodesk 123D Modeling
3D modeling tool Autodesk 123D

A good first step into 3D modeling is Autodesk 123D. 3D models can be created by only using a simple camera or smartphone camera. Multiple photo’s will be stitched together in order to create the model.

Autodesk 123D is a good start when creating 3D models. You are also able to share your created models, comment, rate, and download models from others. If you are just starting out then this tool will help you tremendously, if you are a more experienced you might want a tool that has more to offer.

If you want to turn your photos into 3D models then click here to download the tool.
  1. Pinterest
Pinterest example
The homepage of Pinterest

Pinterest might not be a tool per se, but it is useful nonetheless. Pinterest is a multimedia board where users can post, save, sort and manage images and videos. Users can create a personalized feed by “pinning” media. This way you will end up getting a feed that caters to your interests.

Inspiration is often one of the first steps in a design process, by creating a personalized feed you will get media that you like. This way you create an inspirational feed which can help you generate ideas as a designer. Design2Gather also has a Pinterest page on which we share our inspiration and own design. You can follow us by clicking this link.

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