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A few questions for Laura!
Interviews / August 17th, 2016 11:12 pm     A+ | a-
A few questions for Laura!

foto laura
  1. Who are you?
"I am Laura, 21 years old, just finished my Bachelors degree Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Technology in Delft, the Netherlands and currently working at Design2Gather in Shanghai."
  1. What do you think about Design2Gather? 
"The concept of the platform really attracted me to get involved when I found out about it. Participating in the Designments was fun and exciting, but now that I am in Shanghai, developing market-ready products it is even more rewarding."
  1. What was your favorite Designment so far?
"If I am being honest, I only participated in one Designment before I came to Shanghai. After submitting my ideas, I was so excited that I contacted D2G if they had a spot for me. Half a year later, I was working on the development of other people’s ideas.
From all the Designments so far, I like the ‘Playful bottle’the most.  My colleagues here are working on it and it is starting to look really cool. I like the fact that you use design to stimulate action. Combining products and making them ‘smart’leads to great designs."
  1. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
"Probably somewhere abroad again. After working at Design2Gather, I will probably go back to the university of Delft to get a Master degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in Biomechanical Design, where I will learn how to use the human body as inspiration for product design and to design wearables and products for sports and medical use. After that, I will see where I end up."
  1. What is your favorite design software?
"Adobe Photoshop of course. I use this program more than I use my Internet browser. It has so much to offer and I still haven’t figured out all the possibilities yet. I use it to sketch (with my Wacom tablet), to edit renderings and to edit photos I made with my camera. But basically, the whole Adobe package is an essential tool for designers. Can’t live without ‘em."
  1. Who is your favorite designer?
Is it too obvious to say Jonathan Ive? I think he might be the idol of most product designers in the world. It has a reason many brands try to imitate the design of the Apple products. The design gives an extreme high quality look and feel. Every color, edge and dimension is chosen with precision and the products only get more beautiful.
  1. What is your success secret that you want to share?
"Haha.. What a question.. Well, I think going abroad is very important for designers. In the end, you want to make something that will sell internationally. In every country, Industrial Design is interpreted and taught differently. Consumer behavior is also different in each country. I have studied in Ireland for a while, which gave me more insight in product design as a subject and opened a door for me to go abroad again. In China, I am learning a lot about production, which I would never learn as well as I do here. Factory visits and direct contact with suppliers are way more informative than images in the books in school."
  1. What is the best and worst piece of design ever?
"Oh I have seen so many bad designs, that wouldn’t fit on one page. But I can annoy myself the most to interior design mistakes like steps in front of the toilets for disabled. Some people really don’t have brains.." 
  1. Your famous last words?
"Worlds greatest beauty is never on the side of the road, take a detour if you have the opportunity." 

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