Our Story

The Design2Gather story

Design2Gather is established for and by designers. The roots of our founder Bram Broeken were at the University of Applied science in the department industrial product design. Fascinated by the craft of design but frustrated of the difficulty to get it really out there on the market, Bram got the opportunity in graduation semester to experience design from beginning to end in the factory of the world; China.

At the trade company Sky-worldwide export ltd supervised by Kilian Saekel, he was impressed by the pace from idea to product and finishing it up with production in the factories.

The cooperation was extended for another year and together with a bunch of interns (including Bas van Hoeve) with great fresh and innovation ideas, many new products were designed and produced. The team of young designers excelled mainly because they were able to achieve ‘the ultimate young designer satisfaction’ to really see how your initial idea becomes reality.

That combination of the eagerness of young designers to get their ideas out there and the demand for good design for buyers, traders and manufacturers got Bram and Kilian thinking. How can we keep those young bright minds together to get those ideas in a kind of think-tank?

Ways split-up, Bram got back to the University for a master in Design management in Bangkok and but already during his studies, the think-tank idea developed into an online platform for designers. The beginning of Design2Gather was there, Bram and Kilian founded the company in 2014. Soon Bas would join to setup the online platform during his Industrial Design master graduation thesis. Idea generation with an online platform with designers from all around the world and a product development team to translate your idea into a mass production ready design on the spot in Asia.

In 2015, when Bram graduated his masters, Design2Gather moved its office to Shanghai again close to the factories and the team was able to work full-time for the Design2Gather company.