3. Concept Design

Concept design is the first step in the development process and is done by our in-house development team located in Shanghai. After an idea has been selected from the online platform, our in-house development team will expand on this idea by making a concept design. During the concept design phase the first translation between idea and product will be made. Yet again will the focus be on the user experience and the impact for the end user (including sales). Concept design also gives us a better look on how the actual product will serve its purpose, what materials will have to be used, ergonomics and potential production methods. All concept designs created by our in-house development team will be presented to you and selected by you for future development. We work in close collaboration with you to ensure the quality of the process. After a concept design has been selected it will be put through to the next phase, this phase is called ‘Product Development’ you can click here to learn more. Are you ready to put your Idea through the Development process? Then contact us now for a free consultation.