7. Manufacturing Preparation

Manufacturing Preparation is the final phase in the development process, this is when the product has been completed and is made ready for production. Being located in Shanghai enables us to be close to all the manufacturing facilities and visit frequently to maintain our good connections with the factories. During manufacturing preparation there are several important topics. The first topic is how much the total price of production will be for your product. Up next is the minimum order quantity, the manufacturer sets the minimum order quantity to ensure they are able to make a profit. Last but not least is the manufacturing lead time. This is the amount of time between start and completion of the manufacturing process.

The manufacturing preparation is done by our in-house development team, providing you with information regarding the total price of production, minimum order quantity and the lead time. Because we are close to the manufacturing facilities in China, we are able to provide you with the best manufacturers that can produce your product and meet the product requirements This phase completes the Development process and thereby also the complete working process of Design2Gather. Would you like to know what we can do for you or have you got any questions regarding our working process? Contact us now for a free consultation!