2. Online Idea Generation

After the Research phase, the platform participants will dive into Idea generation. During this phase ideas will come in and these ideas will be placed on the idea space of the online platform. Designers will come together on the online platform and ideate using the gathered research. The ideas that are being generated are bound to include several factors, the first factor are the customer requirements. These requirements are made clear during the research phase and are an important factor throughout the Idea generation phase. All the ideas generated on the online platform will be fresh, unique and innovative ideas because the designers come from all around the world with different influences. During the Idea generation phase designers on the online platform will be able to show the ideas they have come up with, discuss them and improve them. The designers on the online platform get to work on a real project. After a certain amount of time the ideas will be presented and selected. The Idea generation phase is the ending phase of the Ideation process, what comes next is Development. This is when our in-house development team will further work on the generated ideas. If you want to learn more about the Development process then click here. Have you got any questions regarding the Ideation process or are you looking to turn your idea or concept into an actual product? Don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation.